In a revealing session a few days ago, the Minister of Labour and productivity- Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige, on a live radio interview with Odenigbo 99.1FM have confirmed to the world, Nigerians and Anambrarians that the distinguished Senator Stella Oduah cannot be equated with the average yard stick of measurement of our present day politicians.

In our contempory society, politicians are notoriously know to attach personal political values to practically anything the air can touch as long as it scores them political points. Try to reap off points not just from where they didn’t sow but even from grounds they never tilled. But to the amazement of the country and ndi Anambra in particular Dr. Chris Ngige revealed on air that the recently released funds of 37.95billion naira reimbursed to the Anambra state government by the federal government was majorly propelled by senator stella oduah. He stated the Anambra senator played a major role in alliance with the Federal Executive Concil to process the payment approval. This came as a shocker because up until that money was paid and after, Senator Oduah never made mention of it nor took credit for such great feat. Rather the revelation was made known by a minister of the APC lead government, a rival party.

This revelation only went ahead to prove that senator stella oduah isn’t one to brag or advertise her deeds for her people to gain political relevance. She is a passionate leader that does for people because she genuinly possesess the zeal to bring about possitive change.

Ndi Anambra North, true leadership is a gift and should be accorded to the truly deserving. All these we see in full glare residing in our leader princess stella oduah. Let’s do the right thing, let’s vote for genuine leadership, let’s vote for competence, let’s vote for quality legislation, let’s vote for princess Adaeze Stella Oduah for Senate come 2019.

Adaezechukwu N’Eme Ogo, is the best thing that has happened to Anambra North. With her development is assured.


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