The common saying “when its not broken why fix it” seems to absolutely apply to Anambra north senetorial district. The region has enjoyed quality representation and leadership under the most distinguished senator, princess Adaeze Stella Oduah. She has through her leadership gained the love and trust of her people. Her works and legislative prowess have spoken for her so far, like a brand needs no advertisement it sells it’s self with ease.

Senator Oduah has extended her reach to all parts of her district, touching her people’s lives in different ways. Known as a hard worker, achiever and major philantropist she has never shuddered or slowed her pace at human capital and infrastructural development, Constantly seeking ground breaking ways to enrich the lives of the people.

Anambra North obviously has never had it this good. Testimonies from different parts of her senatorial district has suggested so. Anambra North has never had such unanimous consensus and agreement amongst the Constituents that the incumbent senator,Ada na eme ogo will represent the people again come 2019…

Her acts and demeanour having portrayed compassion, truth, honesty, humility, sincerity and accessibility have totally won her the hearts and support of the people of Anambra North. Princess Stella Oduah has shown accountability in her work and dealings in every height she has achieved as a minister, senator or business woman.

She has proven a leader with great Capacity and one with the ability to transform Anambra North to the home the masses can be proud of, through sound and impactful Legislation. So far, the distinguished senator has attracted and continues to attract federal projects, developments and empowerment to her district.

Truely Anambra North remains in safe hands.


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