Brief History of I support Stella Oduah Movement (ISSOM)
On the first day of January 2018 was the birthday of ISSOM. Birthed from the brilliant minds of a group of passion driven young men and women with similar goals. This was conceived out of the need for good and sustainable leadership which has taunted this nation as far as time can recall. Only one figure stood out from the numerous leaders presented to us today, the Amazon of the Senate Princess Adaeze Stella Oduah. Given her magnitude of good works and unprecedented achievements and her utmost commitments to stir the economy and her people to glory, there was no better icon to stand behind and we the youth give our maximum support.
I Support Stella Oduah Movement (ISSOM) was thus created to support and work hard for the actualisation of her dreams, to support  her reelections and forward her aspirations for the youths and common man.
As a non political organisation, ISSOM is structured with a drop down chain from the Board of Trustees (BOT) to the Director General (DG), manned by the eloquent Eloka Egbunike,  the Central Management Team(CMT), the Local Government Coordinators(LGCs), Ward leaders(WLs), Booth Cell Leaders(BCLs) and lastly the Booth Cell Members(BCMs). This structure numbers a total of 4 BOT members,  1 DG, 21 members of the CMT, 7 LGCs, 99 WLs,  2,782 BCLs and 27,820 BCMs. ISSOM boasts a total of 30,734 official and countless members and followers from every part of the world online and locally.
This is a management chain fully and wholly driven by dedicated youths with a vision of eradicating the “business as usual” politicians menacing our economy.
So far ISSOM has recorded numerous philanthropic works like youth empowerments and trainings, Shade the market women tour and lots more.