Sen. Oduah awards scholarships to over 110 youths in her constituency through Maxi-Life foundation.

Sen. Oduah awards scholarships to over 110 youths in her constituency through Maxi-Life foundation.

Senator Stella Oduah, the senator representing Anambra North Senatorial is one of the few Nigerian politicians who believe in the invaluable benefits of harnessing human capital resources.

Nigeria is currently faced with myriads of challenges notably stiff economic conditions, rising youth unemployment and underemployment amongst others. In view of this the need for self actualization, independency and inculcating of entrepreneurial skills  becomes more important than ever.

Sen. Oduah in her numerous encounters with the youths believes that Anambra North youths are abundantly endowed with untapped limitless innate abilities. Having identified this,  the pace-setting legislator have over her 3 years of representation in the red chambers invested heavily in projects aimed at human capital development with a view of assembling and putting to productive capacity all possible talents within Anambra North Senatorial Zone.

Her strong desire to ensure Anambra North Youths are job creators and employers of labour, she recently enrolled another 110 youths drawn from across the local government areas of the zone in vocational scholarships at Grundvig Institute Oba in affiliation with Delta State University Consultancy Service in the following areas;

1. Catering and hotel management

2. Fashion and textile desig

3. Office technology and management

4. Computer and soft ware education.

  1. According to the Chairman of Maxilife foundation Rev. Fr. Donald Uzo, the goal of this programme is to elevate another 110 independent youths who can be productive for themselves, families and the society at large.


This was when he presented a cheque covering the tuition and accommodation of the 110 newly enrolled youths.

This kind gesture and quality representation shown by the Distinguished Senator is second to none, the legislator has indeed put to best use the people’s trust and mandate.

This is indeed a glorious representation, Congratulations to Anambra North Senatorial zone for good governance has been brought to your door post.

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