Constituency projects have always been a child incubating in the anticidences of Senator Adaeze Stella Oduah and of this she has never been shy of.

Constituency projects are modelled with the aim to bring development to to a particular district represented by it’s legislator at the national assembly. Noting that apart from the developments rendered by the states governing body, particular rural developmental sites probably neglected or not budgeted for can still be arrested through these projects.

Senator Oduah has made her observations and voice clear in the parliament on various occasions since her assumption to office. She has led debates on constituency project bills during senate plenary sessions, where she argued that these constituency projects be included in the constitution and passed into law.

“Projects under this Act, when passed, shall be community-based in order to ensure that the prospective benefits are available to a widespread cross-session of the inhabitants of a particular area,” she said.

“Any funding under this Act shall be for a complete project or a defined phase of a project and may include the acquisition of land.

“It is instructive to note by way of educating the general public that members of the National Assembly merely identify the needs of the constituents and recommend same to the executive during budgeting.

“Ultimately, they have no direct control over their implementation; hence the award, financing and supervision of constituency projects are the preserves of Appropriation agencies other than the National Assembly,” she submitted.

The senators passionate drive for interventions in the rural areas and need for necessary developments have without hesitation urged her to make such bold unpresidented moves to accomodate the walfare and alleviate the sufferings noted in the rural areas.

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