The distinguished senator has refused to pedal down on her camp relief tour. In her usual habit, senator stella oduah has continued to distribute relief materials to these very rural neglected areas, most located across the Niger.

On 15th January, was another visit made to 3 camps by the hand appointed team of Senator Oduah. Their visitation tour for the day began with a boat trip across the Niger to obanwagu 1&2, where they met a gleeful, expectant crowd. The community representatives received the materials and spoke for the people to the Senator’s emissaries. They appreciated the senator for her continual gestures towards them, and with prayers bid them farewell. Lagos camp ochuche was the next destination trailed by the senators team, where the expectant crowd once again received their guest and sent them of with prayers and praises for the senator.

16th January bore another day of humanitarian activity for team Oduah. They commenced their visitation, spreading the good news of the distinguished senator at obene camp umuodu ochuche. The team as usual took with them relief materials of all sorts, compliments of the senator. The Good tidings of the senator did not elude eke ochuche as they also shared in the bounty presented by the distinguished.

She loves her people and will always try in any way, small as it may be, to touch their lives as much as she can. Touching lives is her business.

Maka Oganiru!


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