Senator Oduah’s Rural Development bill, a solution pack to myriads of National problems

Senator Oduah’s Rural Development bill, a solution pack to myriads of National problems

The Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial zone, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah has continued in her excellent performance in the red chambers with another solution packed bill on Rural development. The widely loved female legislator is unarguably one of the best brains of the 8th Senate and the brightest senator in her state of Anambra.

Presenting the bill on the floor of the Senate, Sen. Oduah stated that the essence of the bill is to ensure the extension of the change culture of government into rural areas to make rural dwellers have a feel of government. According to the lawmaker significant social economic growth, sustainable development goals and sustainable human development rights among rural communities in line with international economic empowerment and development strategy must be enhanced among rural inhabitants.

The main objective of the bill is to give rural areas a boost in terms of infrastructural development as well as improvement in their living standard. This according to Sen. Oduah can be achieved through establishment of agency with specific function of fostering community, environmental and ecological sustainability.

According to the distinguished Senator over two third of Nigeria population live in Rural areas which is the most hit with poverty, from 28.3% in 1980 poverty level sky rocketed to 51.4% in 1984 and 69.8% in 1996. Poverty according to her affects men and women differently, women are less educated, more vulnerable, deprived and powerless than males.

Poor people experience insecurity, vulnerability,  drought, disaster, deforestation, flooding, desertification amongst others. This is because of lack of empowerment to influence public policies according to their priorities and lack of opportunity for income generation among rural dwellers. This is as shown in UN data on poverty levels in rural Nigeria 77% of rural households lack power  and stable water while 53% electricity, 87% lack good housing and quality water.

These statistics are disturbing and further press on the need of the government to make policies which will improve living conditions of rural dwellers, this will not only reduce rural-urban migration but create stability which will affect the economy, health situation of rural communities.

Sen. Princess Stella Oduah bill on rural development will be a great boost to the local communities of Anambra North, the law maker is indeed meeting the points of the needs of many rural dwellers through her numerous projects to better their lives and contributes hugely in making laws which will benefit them.

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