Senator Stella Oduah’s Personal Information Protection Bill

Senator Stella Oduah’s Personal Information Protection Bill

The enactment of the Protection of Personal Information Act was intended to stem the tide of free-flowing personal information and offer protection to nigerians seeking to uphold their constitutional rights to privacy and dignity, as well as bringing Nigeria on par with those countries which have existing data protection legislation.

In this digital age, personal informantion has become something to guard very deeply as Personal information can be almost any information that is associated with an identifiable living individual. It can include correspondence, audio recordings, images, alpha-numerical identifiers and combinations of these.

The most distinguished senator saw it pertinent for organisations not to become complacent and start getting their data protection practices in order now – determining the risks to be managed, understanding what data needs to be protected and starting to secure it now, and putting resources and policies in place thus promoting the right to privacy of individuals by these aforementioned organisations or government agencies while still promoting free flow of information.

The objective is to give effect to the right to privacy, by introducing measures to ensure that the personal information of an individual is well safeguarded when it is processed by responsible parties. Encouraging steps like data classification, a necessary step to a truly data-centric approach to protecting personal information, to Introduce Information Protection Principles while also Establishing minimum requirements for the Processing of Personal information.

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