Senator Stella Adaeze Oduah has been described as a as woman who never looks back when it comes to empowering and developing the youths. Her contributions and impact so far, in less than a decade has actively and totally defined her doggedness, commitment, desire for success and drive to leave traces of greatness and legacies for posterity. They completely outweigh the role of many who have been in politics for decades without any contributions to the growth of their communities and Nigeria at large.
Recently, the public discourse has centred on Nigerian Youths, with analysis of their roles towards the growth of our economy, if positive or negative.
For Senator Stella Oduah, there is isn’t any base to debate the potentials of Nigerian Youths, rather her major focus has remained the passion to empower the youths in our society. In her words,
“If you empower the youths, you have solved 70% of our problems as they will become future employers of labour that will carry the torchlight further”
She has continued to work in tandem with this vision yearly with many youths benefiting from different empowerment programs under her auspices and tutelage.

The senators stand is that empowering this demography and making them entrepreneurs will bring out the creativity in them and help bolster our economy.
All over the world, good leaders crave and maximize on the potentials of the youths because they remain the future of every economy or system, but here in our country, to many, the youths are just tools to be used and dumped at their beck and call. To these class of people, there is nothing good about Nigerian youths.

For Senator Oduah, the youths cannot be schemed out if we must achieve success in all aspects of our system. That’s why all her efforts have all targeted the youths to show them a pathway to life and greatness as entrepreneurs.
Her dream is to ensure that every youth in her Consistuency regardless of his or her educational background will not have cause to rely on anyone to survive rather each will be empowered to help contribute their quota towards the growth of our economy.

If all Nigerian politicians will devote their time and interest to sponsor programs that will stimulate the growth of Nigerian youths like Senator Stella Oduah, the narrative about Nigerian youths will change forever.

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