Seemingly the name Stella Oduah has become a house hold name in Anambra state and beyond its borders. This has come to be so because of the outstanding personality of her person and a character of steel embedded in her. Views otherwise are bore forth from malicious political opponents, who for quest of power, have refused to acknowledge that the Senator Representing Anambra North senatorial zone is not only the best Senator to have represented the zone but also amongst the best senators in the country. This she has proven doubtlessly and taken accolades for.

Senator Oduah emerged winner at the polls on June 2015 and since then she has focused her being to touching the grassroot and enriching lives with every resource available at her disposal. Senator Stella Oduah came on board and changed the narratives, her achievements gone beyond expectations. In just 3years of senatorial ascension she has not only attracted numerous infrastructures for the communities in her district but has also ensured that these infrastructural and developmental projects are executed. She has in her short time initiated over 6 federal road projects, empowered thousands of people and gave scholarships to hundreds of students, not to mention her numerous skill acquisition programmes and schemes.

With her unprecedented performance at the red chambers, Princess Stella Oduah was elected as the President of ECOWAS female parliamentarians making her the best female legislator in the whole Sub-Saharan Africa. Senator Oduah also received a Pan-African leadership Award and Medal from the African Students Union Parliament(ASUP). Her superior legislative prowess has attracted her different awards and recognitions all over the world..

Her giant strides in Anambra North Senatorial zone within the past 3 years came as no surprise to many because Princess Stella oduah has been a woman with the midas touch who has devoted her self and resources to empowering others thus understanding why she continues to record great feats and achievements in every position she finds herself.

During her administration as an Aviation minister she recorded massive revolutionary remodeling. She refurbished 22 Federal airports and had four new ones built in her time. This is a feat no Nigerian Aviation minister achieved within the past 40 years.

Senator Stella Oduah is very well celebrated beyond her Senatorial Zone. Many has describe her as an Amazon, a mother of all, the Princess of Ndigbo and many more. In her time as the aviation minister, Senator Stella Oduah took the plight of her people and upgraded Enugu Airport was to international status with the first international aircraft landing at Enugu after over 50 years of Nigerian independence.

Also as a Senator, she has once again put smiles on the faces of Ndigbo by sponsoring the South East Development Commission Bill (SEDC) which when passed, the commission will provide a template for reduction of unemployment and schemes to promote the development of the South East Region. The bill has pass 2nd reading in the Nigerian Senate.

Princess Stella Oduah is an asset that we cannot afford to loose at the red chambers.


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