The distinguished Senator Stella Oduah sponsored a Bill on NYSC tagged:

NYSC Act (Amendment) Bill 2017
“An Act to amend the National Youth Service Corps Act, CAP. N84 LFN, 2004 to provide for free and compulsory acquisition of vocational skills by corps members, and for such related matters.”
This bill presented by the senator was designed to curtail the rising unemployment rate among the youths by empowering them through various forms of skill acquisition that suits their respective passions. The Bill is at the committee stage awaiting Public Hearing.

It’s no news that yearly, hundreds of Nigerian youths are pushed into the labour market after one year compulsory national youth service. These young people are paid stipends that isn’t enough to establish nor save for life after the service scheme, irrespective of the harsh labour market that awaits them upon completion. They, like their predecessors join the long queue of unemployed youths seeking employment in our already saturated labour market. Many have no choice but to fall into odd jobs to put irregular meals on their tables. An excruciating resultant factor, after spending long years in school and funded all these years. It’s a sore sight.

Senator Stella Oduah identified these challenges plaguing the youths and nation at large. In consonance with her passion and vision for the youths, she proposed this bill to compel the federal government to include skill acquisition programmes fully funded for the youths to diversify their options by learning different skills of interest, ranging from fashion and designing to make-up artistry, music, movies, catering, et cetera. This will traditionally prepare and equip the youths for life after their service year. This will in turn result to high reduction in number of unemployed youths as many will diversify into various skills they’ve acquired during the period of their service year. This will further bring about an increased number of entrepreneurs resulting to more job creations and ultimately a vibrant economy.

This is in tandem with the vision and passion of our dear Senator who has repeatedly demonstrated her love for the youths. A passion she has consistently demonstrated by empowering youths from various communities across her district, making them self sufficient and employers of labour.

When this Bill is passed, our National Youths Service will not just be a one year serve and leave term, but an avenue to imbue entrepreneurial skills on the youths that pass through this scheme. Thus building a future anchored on potential entrepreneurs that will be future employers of labour seen in developed countries. The benefits of this bill can not be overstated.

Anambra North is blessed to have a visionary leader like our indefatigable Senator Omueze, Adaezechukwu na eme ogo, whose leadership has continued to impact the lives of many especially the youths.

It can only get better for ndi Anambra North under her leadership.


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