As an indegene of Anambra North, I have a duty to my brothers and to my self to vote for the betterment of ndigbo.

I will vote for a personality that pivots on the moral, economic and political awareness of our dear Anambra North.

I will vote for a personality that possess a sincere inner urge for a better and just society with a deep rooted conviction of the necessity for the expansion of human rationality, sympathy, possession of authentic and altruistic zeal for service.

I will vote for a person that firmly believes in the core value of ndigbo, understands our plight and will fight for who we are and what we believe in with out flinching.

I will vote for a proven leader with a vision for incessant development of Anambra North and it’s people.

I will vote a personality that sees human capital development as sacrosanct to the evolution of any given community or area irrespective of culture, tradition or religion.

I will vote one Who will be the voice of the voiceless, who will take the voices of the people to where it must be heard and acted upon.

I will vote that person who will knock on any door while carrying the weight of the people’s burden and that door will be opened wide to help relief that burden which has been brought forth.

I will vote for someone who possess rationality and empathy for the less priviledged and one willing to through sincere efforts make positive changes to such status.

I will vote a person willing to create a society where reverence, honour, glory are no more paid to wealth but duly to wisdom, probity, industry and creativity, also for us to have a new society where consciousness of human person and justice will be upper most.

I will vote a beliver and portrayer of true democracy, unconditioned equity and good governance. One that sees good governance as the duty of a legislator

I will vote one Who has a passion for empowering the people of Anambra North seamlessly without sought for returns of any nature.

I will vote *princess Adaeze Stella Oduah* to represent my voice at the red chambers come 2019.


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